How can I join Biz MSME Affiliate plan?

Biz MSME Affiliate program is open to all SMEs, small businesses, freelancers  who find it difficult to market their products. There is no joining fee.

Do I need to provide samples of products or services I might want to show?

Yes, we would require at least three best digital samples of each of your products or works you want us to promote. This network is only open for digital products, services and Industrial training and workshops on Microsoft Excel, LEAN, SAP and Project Management. However, we would expand our network to other goods and services in future.

What is the eligibility for joining the plan?

Any India resident above 18 years of age can join the plan. There is no minimum education criteria. However, you must know how to work in online environment as we won’t be able to provide you technical assistance.

When and How do I get paid?

You are required to provide a base rate for each of your products and services. Your products and services will be promoted by Biz MSME. A strong network of our Business Correspondents will sell your products to prospects. When the deal is closed and payment is made by customer, we will transfer the money to your account as per the base rate after deducting applicable taxes and commissions. Commission will depend on the sale value of the deal and will be duly informed you on mail before finalizing the deal to the customer. Usual range is from 15 to 30 per cent.

What are the payment methods?

All payments will be made through EFT to your registered account after deducting any tax if applicable. No cash transactions are allowed.

Is the affiliate program open for people other than Indian Nationals?

At present, Biz MSME program is open only for Indian residents operating with an Indian bank account.

What if customer cancels the order or purchase?

Biz MSME has a 24-hour refund policy. Any order can be cancelled within 24 hours of making the payment. All orders are considered confirmed to you after 24 hours of receiving the payment. We reserve the right to cancel the order if products and services are not delivered as per required standards.

Where can I get more help?

You can get more help by writing us to We usually take two to three days to respond.